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Scottish College of Homoeopathy

Clinical training

First Year
This takes three forms: the students sits in with an experienced practitioner, the student takes 10 cases on their own, the student takes six cases with the supervisor.

  1. To recognise symptoms,
  2. To elicit information from the patient in a non-biased fashion,
  3. To understand what is observed of the patient's behaviour during the interview,
  4. To form a homoeopathic case form the information obtained.

Second Year
The student is expected to assess and present at least ten cases under supervision.

  1. To take a case and construct a symptom picture from the information,
  2. To determine what needs to be cured,
  3. To prescribe a suitable homoeopathic treatment,
  4. To formulate a prognosis of the disease process and action of the remedy,
  5. To assess the action of a remedy,
  6. To develop the therapeutic relationship.

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