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Scottish College of Homoeopathy

Career Training

We offer a four year part-time course of theory and clinical training led by renowned lecturers and practitioners. The, after completing the basic training you can opt for another year of guided and monitored practice to ensure a confident and professional start to your career.

The Curriculum

Year 1: To build a sound theoretical basis for future practice from a study of the Vital Force. This includes the Law of Similars, the Minimum Dose and Hering's Laws of Cure. We will study symptoms, as to their types, how they arise and how they form patterns that relate to materia medica.
3 classes

Year 2 : To deepen the theoretical basis of the work. Now we will look at constitutional prescribing by studying the nature of symptom patterns as they form chronic disease, the miasms. We will look at how the disease process is the adaptation of the Vital Force to the miasm.
4 classes

Year 3 : Incorporating theory into practice enter the patient. This is a year of consolidation brought into focus by the patient as we start formal clinical training. In this year the emphasis is on accuracy and precision in case taking, developing the skills observe and recognise symptoms.
4 classes

Year 4: To give the student experience of Homoeopathy in practice.

Each year the student takes more responsibility for setting his/her own learning objectives. In this year experienced practitioners are available to discuss and study issues of philosophy and case management and Materia Medica arising from clinical work.

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