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Scottish College of Homoeopathy

Lecturers and Teachers

The names, qualifications and some background of the core team:

Margaret Roy

Margaret Roy is the Educational Director. After graduating from Strathclyde University, she studied Education and Psychology at Glasgow, London and Open Universities. She is a former advisor to the Society of Homoeopaths on Education and Politics representing the Society on the Council Of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It was after this that she set up the college in Glasgow. She was an advisor to the Institute of Complementary Medicine and one of the examiners on their register of Classical Homoeopaths. Two of her books are basic texts used in several other colleges here and abroad : A First Materia Medica for Homoeopathy and The Principles of Homoeopathic Philosophy (now published by Winter Press). More recent texts include Homoeopathic Acute Prescribing and Homoeopathic Case Analysis with Homoeopathic Constitutional Prescribing expected out by the end of the summer.

Her special responsibilities at the college are Year Three Homoeopathic Pathology and Clinical Supervisor. She is trained in supervision. She is also a practising psychotherapist trained at the Karuna Institute using Buddhist psychology which is similar to Homoeopathy in recognising the innate health of the being, Brilliant Sanity. She is accredited with UKCP. She has also studied Psychoanalytical theory and child development at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations. In herpast she has spent six years working with emotionally disturbed children. Homoeopathically her interest is working with families and studying generations of health.

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott has been one of the advisors to the college since its foundation in 1985. He is a busy practitioner of Homoeopathy and Chinese Medicine in Edinburgh who has still found time to study Chinese Herbal Medicine in the last few years. He is author of a book on Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine that has been translated into several languages. He threatens us with a homoeopathic book, which we eagerly await. His special interest is diet from a Chinese aspect. Jonathan was a lecturer and clinical supervisor at the Scottish College of Classical Homoeopathy. He is a founder member and council member of the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths.

Judith Will-Hunt has been in practice 16 years in Inverness. She was Course Leader at the Scottish College of Classical Homoeopathy in Edinburgh for four years. For 13 years she has been a Tutor at the School of Homoeopathy in Devon running seminars here and in U.S.A. and Canada. Recently she has been ordained as an interfaith Minister and is setting up a retreat centre near her home in the Highlands. In Homoeopathy her special interest is the link with Spirituality. She is a founder member of the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths.

Isobel Wilkie graduated from the college with distinction and is now in her fifth year of practice. She runs a busy clinic with two other graduates in the West End of Glasgow. Further studies lead to a post-graduate diploma from Jeremy Sheer's Dynamis School. Isobel is a founder member and council member of the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths. She is active in the community, formerly working with Women's Aid and organic wholefoods (where she learned to drive a lorry and forklift truck). She is currently involved in adult literacy and numeracy. For a time she taught complementary therapies at James Watt College in Paisley. Her experience working in co-ops fosters our ethos of teamwork. More recently she is a Tai Chi instructor interested in health recovery through Tai Chi.

Gill Keith graduated from the college with distinction nine years ago. Since then she has taught at the college, the Scottish College of Classical Homoeopathy and at James Watt College. Post graduate studies included Jeremy Sheer's Dynamis School. Gill's understanding and application of the Organon is superb. Education is her passion. She has been active in promoting CPD (Continuous Professional Development) with the Society of Homoeopath group here in Scotland. Whilst her passion may be in education, Gill's heart is in her garden, or allotment, where she is creating facilities for disabled people to garden.

Kim Gillies graduated from the college seven years ago and has practised in Oban since. Kim studied with Jeremy Sheer in his Dynamis School. She has been active in bringing together (with Judith) Homoeopaths in the Highlands and she is a founder member of the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths. Her special interest is in bringing Homoeopathy into schools so she has developed an educational pack for use in schools

Lindsey Campbell teaches medical sciences at the college. Originally a biology teacher Lindsay then trained as an Osteopath now specialising in craniosacral work. Her knowledge and respect for the human body is inspiring to staff and students alike. As a gifted teacher she makes it all so easy! Her special interest is children of which she is an acknowledged expert in the craniosacral field.

Sophie Brown is a very recent graduate form the college who now works in Edinburgh and Glasgow. She teaches Year 1 Anatomy and physiology having a degree in the subject form Edinburgh University. Sophie hails form Kenya where her parents' dairy farm produces award winning cheese! Special interest has to be Homoeopathy - she is studying with George Vithoulkas in Greece.

June Alexander teaches Anatomy and Physiology to A level standard at several Further Education Colleges within the Glasgow area. She has an ingenious approach to the subject that is entertaining and instructive.

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